Thursday, November 11, 2004

two items top the agenda today

One, a belated Happy Birthday wish to the United States Marine Corps, which celebrated it's 229th Birthday yesterday (11/10). Some might find it poetic that members of the Corps were spending the day heavily engaged in the struggle that will define the world for years to come. I know that I, personally, am glad to have them out there doing the things that they do, and that they are led by men and women who understand that some of the business that needs to be tended to is not attractive or easy work--just necessary.

Item #2: two amazing world events in the last 10 days give hope to a peaceful future in the Middle East. First, the most powerful country in the world elected for it's top political job a man who understood that the "Middle East Peace Process" had no chance to succeed as envisioned as long as one side of the argument had a terrorist as it's top policymaker; second, that terrorist policymaker has expired. How Mahmoud Abbas plays the hand he has been dealt is anybody's guess right now--but at first glance, he appears to be a step in the right direction from Arafat. And in order to actually begin to heal the rift that exists in that part of the world, the peace process has got to, first and foremost, take some steps in the right direction. . .


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