Tuesday, November 02, 2004

the 9:00 EST numbers

No surprises released at 9. Still not "claimed" are Ohio (less than 5% reporting slightly in favor of Bush), Florida (40% reporting, over 350,000 in favor of Bush), Missouri (favoring Kerry with less than 5% reporting), Pennsylvania (3% reporting strongly in favor of Kerry), Arkansas (1% slightly in favor of Kerry), and New Hampshire (15% reporting slightly in favor of Kerry).

I haven't seen a lot of the numbers for the New Jersey vote--the last I saw was split 50/50 with less than 2% reported. Apparently the projections are based on exit polling where Kerry was actually favored in the war on terror--which also was the top issue for the voters that were polled.

Virginia was finally taken off the board in favor of the GOP, as was North Carolina (both Carolinas are red).

I'm hoping Florida will go off the board in the next hour, and that the numbers in Missouri and Arkansas start looking more like the pre-election polling was showing. And I also hope that the margin in Ohio gets larger.

Also, in the next hour we should have a better feel for Wisconsin, Colorado and Minnesota. Michigan might not have a clear picture for a couple hours.


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