Tuesday, November 02, 2004

the 7:00 EST numbers

Gosh, stuck watching MSNBC and CNN. Oy!

All right, the 7 PM (all times EST) numbers don’t look too good. 3 states (no surprises) already declared for Bush, one for Kerry. Not off the map already is Virginia, which is a little of a surprise. Kerry all but gave up on Virginia in the last week, but right now it’s close. I have faith that Bush still gets VA, but it’s closer than I wanted. And little signals like that might have repercussions throughout the land. . .

Side notes: On MSNBC, the general thinking is that a lot of the new voters (supposedly 1 in 7 voters–which would put the popular election up over 120 million voters) will go overwhelmingly for Kerry. I don’t buy it. Kerry MIGHT be able to eke out a little majority with new voters, but if the newbians break much more than 60-40 for the Dems than this won’t be all that close of a vote. Of course, it depends on where the new voters cast their ballot. . .oh, so much fun!

I just saw an exit poll (argh!) Sample on CNN that showed that 53% asked thought that the country was safer from terrorism than it was 4 years ago. Good for Bush, right!? That same sample, however, had over 50% say that the economy was poor to very bad. The economy? The same economy that’s supporting a 5.4% unemployment rate and good to great economic growth numbers? The Bush camp can’t be happy about this. I know they chose to make the fighting of the war on terror their central issue, but a major strength such as the economy should not have become a weapon of the opposition. With all the talk of fighting a multi-pronged war, the Bushies forgot that elections also have several prongs that need tending. Call that a missed opportunity!


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