Wednesday, November 03, 2004

the next-day numbers

Obviously, I am very happy with the results of last night. And while I would have liked to have seen either Wisconsin or Minnesota turn red (thereby making Ohio an afterthought), I'll take 286 electorals and a mandate in the popular vote, the Senate AND the House.

Also, I'm happy with what people are talking about as the deciding factor in the election: personal values. THAT'S how elections should be decided.

I also am happy with how Sen. Kerry handled himself today. After all the effort he put in, he still had the ability to see the writing on the wall. His concession speech was easily his finest performance of this campaign season. He's not a bad man--he's just a little lacking as a national candidate. There are definitely worse things. . .

I'm watching the Bush speech right now. . .he is doing well. I would like to see a thanks to John Kerry for his years of service to the country and to the enthusiasm that he added to the democratic process this year.

Now, to the future: it looks good for us conservatives. I think the SCOTUS--indeed the entire court system--will look differently in four years than it does right now--and I think that will be a good thing. I also think that serious strides can be taken in the Middle East--not just in Iraq, but also in the Middle East peace process.

Today at work, someone mentioned that the U.S. needed to heal the poor relations with Europe now. I take a different take on that: we (the U.S.) WERE NOT WRONG to go into Iraq. France and Germany and Russia were wrong to be against the action--or at least they had many wrong reasons to be against that action. The U.S. is taking on an incredible burden in order to improve the world order. We're willing to let others share that burden--if you want to be part of the world that we are going to shape, you've got to be willing to participate in our actions. Knee-jerk anti-Americanism is not going to make us cower to your demands--it is going to make us steamroll you. This President understands that the world can be shaped by great people with great intentions--and I don't think he will let the endless resources of this country sit idly by while other forces act to influence our environs.

Gosh, what to blog about now?


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How about blogging about how wonderful your family is and how your wife holds down the fort when you are away?

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