Sunday, October 31, 2004

Quick shot for the weekend

First: Osama is alive. Color me shocked--I figured he had met our maker at some point in the past. I'll leave the analysis of the tape--and the impact of the tape on the election--to people much smarter than me. But from what I've read, Gerry Daly provides the best overall strategic vision of this tape's impact:

I look at it as very good news for America. Al Qaeda wanted to influence the Spanish elections, and did so by bombing and mass murder. Now they want to influence our elections. They did so by releasing a tape.

They would have hit us if they could.

Now I know that Al Qaeda COULD still hit us--even before the election. But IF this tape is the only overt sign of AQ activity in an attempt to influence the election, we should consider ourselves lucky. Oh, and we should thank President Bush!

Item #2: I would like to see this commercial in the final day or two:

Show the two towers burning--not falling, just burning; show the hole in the Pentagon; show the hole in the countryside of PA; show the tape of the AQ operatives going through the airport in Maine. Voice over: John Kerry says that 9/11 hasn't changed things. Do you agree?

Item #3: don't pay attention to the polls this weekend. Given the incredible bias of the MSM this campaign season, you really just have to toss out whatever last-second stuff they throw into the fray. The bottom line is that all of us should let our voice be heard via ballot this election--regardless of what the press corps tells us is supposedly happening in the race. Yes, it's that simple--get out and vote!


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