Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Obama this afternoon in Richmond, VA, responding to criticism that he is a socialist:

Was John McCain a socialist back in 2000 when he opposed the Bush tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans? Cause all I’m trying to do is reverse those so that we can give relief to people who really need help. It’s not a very plausible argument that he’s making right now"

Ummm. . .Senator, before you judge "implausible" arguments, you should try to not make some yourself.

First off, it's worth pointing out that if "all he's trying to do" is reverse Bush's tax cuts, then we'd be back in Clinton-era tax policy. Are you, Senator, implying that Clinton was Socialist?

I think not.

If ALL YOU WERE DOING was reversing the Bush tax cuts, that wouldn't mean money from the rich would directly find it's way to the poor. Higher taxes by themselves means that some people pay more TO THE GOVERNMENT, but the government uses that money to fund it's programs--NOT to turn around and hand that money to the poorer of us. That's what "spreading the wealth" means, and that's what you said.

Key distinction. Big, big difference.

You know, I think it's quite instructive how this man can never just admit that he misspoke. He said something pretty darn stupid when asked a question on a beautiful walk through everywhere America a couple weeks ago. If Obama would just say "I didn't explain myself very well," this thing would've been over long ago.

Instead he has doubled-down on it, implying that McCain's initial opposition to Bush's tax cuts make him Socialist, too. That's just not a winning argument EVEN IF it was an argument that could be sold.

Bad policy. Bad politics.

Keep harping on him, McCain.


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