Friday, October 17, 2008

why I don't believe the polls

So today, the Supreme Court ruled unanimously that OH SecState Brunner didn't have to do a darn thing about the 200k+ suspicious registrations she's received.

Could the door to voter fraud be any more open?

And THAT'S why I don't believe the polls. If there was an honest, one-vote-for-one-person standard in this upcoming election--like there are in the polls--then it would undoubtedly be pretty close, maybe even closer than some of the polls.

But I have every reason to believe that there is going to be rampant voter fraud this year, and in places where it will be so very devastating to McCain's chances.

How can the polls take the voter fraud into account? Well, they can't.

Hey, Joe (as in Biden, not the plumber): tell me what's honest about ACORN's massive voter registration fraud? Since you think we should all believe that everybody's intentions are always good, tell me what is good about UNDERMINING DEMOCRACY?

Because that's what they're doing. Every fraudulent vote is one more honest person being disenfranchised. It's just that simple. I thought you Dems were staunchly opposed to disenfranchisement?

And the fact that Obama and Biden can't bring themselves to condemn these things is positively nauseating.

I'm sick.


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