Tuesday, October 14, 2008

the great truth--applied

If there is one great truth to this election cycle, I believe it is this:

If McCain doesn't talk about it himself, it isn't "discovered" by the major media that is covering this election.

Should Stanley Kurtz be the only person covering Obama's early years as a politician in Chicago? Probably not--but he is.

Should William Ayers have been a relative unknown until the last couple weeks? Absolutely not--but he was. That is, he was until McCain decided to talk about him, and now Ayers gets his very own polls on call-in shows.

So, Sen. McCain has one more direct appeal to the American people tomorrow night. No filters, no editing: just him, the cameras, and somewhere around 35 million households watching.

Early and often, McCain needs to hit on the Democrat's accomplishments for the last two years.

I'm not kidding when I tell you that there are probably a LOT of people who will assume that the GOP has been in charge this entire time. McCain cannot assume that the electorate knows better. He just can't!

But what he CAN do is talk about what's happened the last two years.

And tie it all back in to the Democrats. It's not that hard to do, if he'd just put an effort into doing it.

And then in his closing remarks, he needs to go for the jugular:

"My friends, I have worked across party lines for my entire career to do what I think is best for this country. But I have to tell you, that has become increasingly hard to do recently--especially since the Democrats took control of Congress in 2006.

The Democrats are NOT acting in your interests, but rather in their own. They would rather substitute your judgement for theirs, taking critical decisions out of your hands and making you nothing other than a money machine that funds their pet projects. . .

My friends, whatever your discontent is with Washington, I assure you that an Obama administration combined with a Nancy Pelosi-led house and a Harry Reid-led Senate is NOT going to solve any problems for you.

This election is about choice. I want to give you some; he wants to take them away.

Under an Obama administration, the money that you earn will not be yours to choose what to do with, but will rather be fodder for "redistribution" by the government. Senator Obama himself said such this weekend, in a video that absolutely must be viewed by all people before they go to the polls.

Speaking of money, we've all come under a financial crunch in these last few months, as the financial sector has taken hit after hit. Most people trace this back to the collapse of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the catastrophic result of poor oversight--oversight that was hampered not just by the Democrat-led Congress these last two years, but also by Democrats as far back as 2001. There were warning signs of this pending collapse, indeed--even Sen. Obama supposedly saw them. But he lacked the fortitude to make things happen, and now we all must pay for the judgement, as conflicted as it was, of Rep. Barney Frank and Senator Chris Dodd. Here are two people the Dems put in charge of the committees overseeing Fannie and Freddie, and they both have a vested personal interest in keeping oversight to a minimum. Well, now we are ALL paying for the lack of oversight. It isn't regulation or de-regulation, my friends--it's oversight. And it is ALL because of Democrat obstructionism to greater oversight, as embodied by Rep. Frank, and lack of fortitude in correcting the problem, as embodied by Sen. Obama and Sen. Dodd.

In an Obama administration, we'd even see an attack on our First amendment rights, as a Democrat administration will likely re-enact the fairness doctrine, which will end talk radio and likely result in the elimination of many blogs and other-than-mainstream media outlets. Sen. Obama himself holds this out as a possibility, merely saying that currently he "doesn't have the votes" to get it done. That's not the right answer, my friends: the right answer is "my administration will not impede on the first amendment in any way, shape, or form", and that is a promise you have from me, but will likely not get from him. If you don't believe me, learn about the "truth squads" in Missouri, organizations of public servants that are acting to squelch any negative public talk of Sen. Obama, working in direct coordination with Obama's campaign. Is that the action of a true first-amendment defender?

Your vote will mean less, because Obama would never call for a proper investigation of the tactics applied by ACORN. Let's be clear: the voter fraud activities that are being linked back to ACORN right now represent a clear and enormous threat to our democracy, and they need to be investigated thoroughly. Do you think Sen. Obama, a man who has given an enormous sum of money to ACORN and who has close ties to this organization all the way back to his days as a community organizer in Chicago, will call for that investigation? I pledge to you, my friends, that under my administration any organization or individual that engages in attempts to subvert
our democracy will find a man in the White House that they will not be able to work with.

Also, in an Obama administration the choices that you make at the ballot box will not matter, because an Obama administration will both protect the anti-democracy activities of ACORN and will appoint, and a Democrat-led Senate will approve, judges that will substitute their judgement for the judgement of the people of a jurisdiction. It has happened time and again, most recently in Connecticut, where same-sex marriage is now legal despite the defeat of such an initiative at the ballot box in the very recent past. Voter input was overruled by liberal judges--the same kinds of judges that Obama has repeatedly said he will nominate the courts.

And if you expect accountability from this Democrat-led Congress, ask yourself this: what does Nancy Pelosi know about Tim Mahoney, and when did she know it? Do you know who Tim Mahoney, Democrat from Florida, is? I'd suggest you read about him, and then demand the accountability that the Dems promised you'd get when they were swept into office in 2006. I think you'll find them sorely lacking in living up to their rhetoric.

My friends, the Democrats are about one thing and one thing only: using your money to put their agenda in place. They don't want you to have choices, they want you to pay for theirs. They don't want you to question their policies or their performance or even their history--they want you to assume that everybody has honorable intentions, as Sen. Biden put it in the Vice Presidential debate.

Well, I'm sorry Joe, but that is naive. It's like you've been living in a bubble for the last 36 years or so, where the reality of the world doesn't keep you from spouting off talking points or even making things up on national television. I hate to tell you this, but not everybody in the business of representing the American people has honest intentions. And not everybody even has truly American, Democratic intentions.

If the America you love respects the choices of the people made at the ballot box, then let's ensure that there aren't the wrong kind of judges put into places where the people's choice will be vetoed.

If the America you love demands accountability of it's leaders, then let's hold them accountable and let's keep open the airwaves to criticism of leaders when it is warranted.

My friends, this is a serious time, and we need serious leadership. The Democrats have shown you some of that leadership in the last two years, and I think you'll agree with me that the results are not pretty. So ask yourself this: can you risk putting a relative newcomer, a man with a history of poor personal and professional associations and of zero leadership against the party line, in charge of the government that has to fix the problems created by this Democrat-led Congress in the last two years?

If the America you love is a land where you are granted choices, where you have the ability to succeed based on those choices, and where accountability is more than just a buzzword to those who represent you in the nation's capitol, then I am the right man to be your President. I will fight for you, not for special interests; I will ensure that the judges who fill the numerous vacancies on our courts do not overturn the work done at the ballot box, and I will work hand-in-hand with responsible members of both parties to ensure that we keep forging ahead in the American dream. My friends, now is not the time for an untested and uninvolved face, now is the time for a warrior. I am that warrior, and I promise you that I will make America stronger and that I will protect your liberties, both here and abroad."


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