Thursday, October 16, 2008

must-see TV

. . .and must-hear radio and must-read periodical fodder.

Team McCain MUST make an ad to bring the following fiscal truth to the mind of every single voter between now and Nov. 4th:

A federal government that increases expenses by nearly a trillion dollars a year will drain the personal finances of its citizens.


Increasing taxes on just 5% of the population isn't going to cover the price of the new government, no matter what Obama so desperately wants you to believe. At some point, his "plan" is going to hit your pocket. Period.

Things in the economic world don't get done in a bubble. Let's look at one of the few genuine "accomplishments" of the current Congress, shall we? They were proud as peacocks to increase the minimum wage to it's current standard.

What's happened to unemployement since then? It's increased something like 20%, right?

How much of the unemployment increase is due to the minimum wage? I have no idea--but if it's .1%, it's too much. And I'm pretty sure that at least SOME of the unemployment woes we face today are due to the minimum wage hike. Businesses looked at the increased cost of hiring a new worker, and decided to just do without.

The federal government makes policies. The business sector responds. That's how it works.

So Obama is going to start off soaking businesses with taxes (if he isn't after yours--YET--he's gotta get the money from somewhere!). And businesses will respond.

Businesses NEED a certain income in order to pay their employees and invest in the future. And whether it be through increased prices for goods and services (which makes your dollar mean less and less), or whether it be through decreased employee costs (also kown as INCREASED UNEMPLOYMENT or decreased wages!!!), YOU, Joe and Jackie Consumer, will indirectly pay for Obama's tax policy on businesses--from day one.

And if enough businesses respond by decreasing their worker rolls. . .well, then that hurts the government's bottom line, right? Then Obama's going to need to find more money somewhere. . .and that's when he comes after your income directly.

It's simple folks: a government that spends more needs more money (just ask BOTH Bill Clinton and George Bush). And since Obama is opposed to any new income sources (HELLO oil!) and he rails against the federal deficit, he's obviously going to just keep soaking the federal government's current income sources to make up the cost of his policies.

And the impetus for all this spending is going to be passed on to you. Period.

Your dollar meaning less. Employers looking for ways to cut costs. Your financial future becoming more and more dependent on the whims of the Federal government.

That's Obama 101. And it needs to be driven home ad nauseum until Nov. 4th.


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