Wednesday, October 15, 2008

a done deal. . .maybe

I was able to tolerate about the last hour of tonight's Presidential debate. From what I'm reading at other sites, apparently I missed McCain's most impressive part of the debate.

Which does not surprise me, because the part that I saw was pretty lame.

Yes, he did get in some decent counters. But more often than not, somewhere along the path of his answer I became lost. Either he was wandering from a good thrust onto something that I thought should have had no bearing on his answer, or he just started off in an "unusual" direction and never really got the helm back on course.

In my humble opinion, of course.

So, I'll call it "uninspiring" by my candidate of choice.

But all is not lost.

As I said, I didn't catch all of the debate. But even in the parts that I did watch, I heard a few whoppers from Obama. Things that are easily repudiated, all around the themes of "not being straight with the American voters."

Will McCain make those ads? Well, he hasn't yet.

But I can hold my breath, right?


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