Monday, October 20, 2008

a line that must be used over and over again

Some variation of "I'd put as much faith in Obama's pledge to (insert random centrist mantra here) as much as I believe that he ever meant to use public financing."

Of course, when he makes remarkably liberal or naive assertions (like "I will meet with all the bad guys in the world with preconditions")--well, we let that stand on its own.

But lowering taxes? Education reform by fighting the teacher's unions? Energy independence without crippling your lifestyle?

The beauty of this line is that it uses Obama's own hypocrisy (on public financing) as the rope to hang all the rest of his moderate positions.

Because we all know that Obama won't deliver "moderate" as President.

AND HE MAY HONESTLY INTEND to be a moderate leader.

But he lacks the courage to actually govern that way.

He didn't stand up to Jeremiah Wright as the "Reverend" was spewing some of the most vile, racist stuff that has seen the light of day in many a year. He won't stand up to the ghost of Bill Ayers ("assuming" instead that the man has reformed) or FOR Joe Wurzelbacher.

What on earth makes you think he'll stand up to Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi?


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