Sunday, October 19, 2008

Is this too much?

How about the following ad:

"Joe Wurzelbacher asked a question of Barack Obama--on his own property, and only after Obama initiated the conversation while Wurzelbacher was going about his daily business. (transcript of Obama's words on the screen) Obama answered the question in his own words, candidly, honestly, and without the aid of a teleprompter. In response to this encounter and understanding the danger of the real Obama being seen by voters, the media has viciously attacked Joe the plumber, a hard-working American who engaged in nothing more ominous than asking a question of a candidate. Obama stands silent while the media commits this act of character barbarism in the protection of their preferred candidate.

Obama's campaign has launched Action Alerts, engaging hundreds if not thousands of people to appear at broadcast stations that were about to interview journalists that had been investigating Obama's past, in an attempt to intimidate and silence the journalist before the results of their research could be made public. Obama stands silent in the face of this assault on the First Amendment that is coordinated by his very own campaign.

ACORN has fraudulently filed hundreds of thousands of voter registrations, laying the groundwork for voter fraud on such a scale that the results of your vote may have already been rendered worthless. This important election could be won by Mickey Mouse and the Dallas Cowboy offensive line--that is voting in Nevada. Democrats used to fight disenfrachisement when there was so much of a rumor of it occuring. This democrat, however, stands silent in the face of this rampant virtual disenfranchisement of millions of voters.

Obama. An eloquent speaker. But when honest Americans have their life, their work, and the value of their participation in this democracy attacked. . .his silence is deafening."


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