Saturday, October 04, 2008

Debate analysis--day late and all that

As a matter of full disclosure: I didn't watch all of the debate. Again, I watched enough to get my blood boiling over the several openings that Palin left unexplored, but also enough to know that she was everything I hoped she'd be: real, honest, and capable.

So who won? Well, that depends ENTIRELY on the McCain camp now.

The best theme, I believe, for them to win on is "the Dem ticket is dangerous--to the economy, to our national defense--to the world". Or something like that.

Biden provided the opportunity, thanks to his many gaffes in the debate. (My personal favorite is how he adamantly denies that Obama would meet with Ahmadinejad without preconditions, when that has been the feature of TWO debates now, one of which while he had a front row seat).

Now McCain needs to hammer it home.

Ads pointing out what Biden said. . .followed by the truth. Or in some cases, just question marks--as if to say "what the heck was this guy talking about" (ahem--the French and us driving hezbollah from Lebanon--ahem).

And then McCain makes the big point of his debates and stumps: Obama has no experience and questionable judgement; Biden's experiences are apparently made up.

No executive experience. No real world experience.

NEVER has there been such an unqualified ticket put to the people for possible election to the White House.

So, in short, the results of the VP debate depend entirely on what McCain does with what he was given. Biden displayed idiocy unlike anything I've witnessed first-hand before. He may have kept his termperament under control, but he definitely didn't speak about a world that is remotely based on the reality of this one.

Normally this wouldn't be a big drag. But THIS GUY represents the foreign policy, military and judicial "expertise" on this ticket, so such lapses in knowledge ARE a big deal.

If they're brought to light.

The proverbial ball is in McCain's camp now.


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