Sunday, September 28, 2008

If I was running things

All right, a little more about the upcoming VP debate.

I know that there is a lot of concern about whether or not Palin can handle herself on the stage on Thursday. And although I didn't see the Couric interview, I have heard from some reliable sources that her performance there was. . .something short of inspiring.

And that may be the case. And maybe Palin has had difficulty learning all the ins and outs of our foreign policy, economic problems and all the other stuff in the last couple weeks.

But I have to hope that McCain's team will look no further than McCain's performance on Friday to prep Palin.

Listen, this election isn't about the #2. . .or at least it isn't on the GOP side. Our strategy needs to be showing that Obama isn't ready for the White House, plain and simple. McCain tried to hammer that home on Friday night--maybe even too much.

To that end, this week should be spent filling Palin's head with Obama's political history, with a few of Biden's greatest hits sprinkled in. Especially in places where the two men have disagreed legislatively.

She doesn't have to know the name of the President of Georgia. . .although it will do her good to know that the Georgia that was in the news a bit ago is not the state that borders Florida.

And she doesn't have to go on lengthy tirades about supply-side economics, or about BCRA or any other stuff. Although it would be handy of her to be versed on this financial bailout stuff.

No, instead all she'll really have to do is show some good political instincts. If she can employ a little knowledge about Obama in the right places. . .and with the proper degree of touch. . .well, that knowledge can go a long way.

A long way further down the road that McCain started paving Friday night.

And if she can get Biden to swallow his tongue by challenging either his or Obama's judgement on an issue that the two men have disagreed on. . .

. . .it could even be fun!


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