Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Team Hillary will owe me money for this one

MEMO to Team Clinton: if you haven't already figured this out, this is what you say tomorrow on the stump. . .and every stump thereafter:

"You know, this isn't about Sen. Obama BELIEVING any of the things that have been in the news lately as "distractions". I don't believe he does, and he has in fact tried very hard to get away from some of these sentiments lately--and that's the right thing to do. But this IS, however, about Ayers, Dohrn, and especially Jeremiah Wright, and what they believe. And it's not just that these people held some detestable views several decades ago. And it's not just that they hold detestable views today, which they do. It's that all of them would be relative nobody's, relegated to a quiet life--perhaps even in retirement--were it not for Sen. Obama's JUDGEMENT that he needed to associate with these folks in his professional and spiritual life. And that makes me wonder if his judgement is all he thinks it's cracked up to be."

"Further, Obama had a great chance in Philadelphia to put all this behind him. He had a chance to forever disassociate himself from Wright, publicly and historically. And he chose not to--in fact, not only did he choose not to do so, but he instead threw his grandmother under the proverbial bus. Now I may not be a chicken farmer or anything, but I gotta believe that the loyalties that Obama showed that day have come home to roost."

If she can throw in a few snarky rhetorical questions ("And I ask you this: at the start of this campaign, did you think it was possible for this country to get any more divided? Well, Sen Obama's preacher, the man who married the Senator and who baptized his children, had one answer for that question: Yes, we can!"), well that would be perfect!

Let's see: hit on judgement, question placement of his loyalty, and turn his own catchphrase against him. That wouldn't be a bad day of work.

And by the way, I only accept cash payments from politicians.


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