Wednesday, March 12, 2008

it just keeps getting better

I just caught a little bit of a Neil Cavuto interview with Rep. Robert Wexler--yes, the same Rep. Wexler that is Obama's campaign chairman in Florida--regarding a Florida "re-vote" for the Democratic primary. I guess the Florida Democratic delegation to Congress has said that they don't want a re-vote to determine the candidate's representation at the convention in August; rather, they would prefer for the DNC, the state party, and the campaigns themselves to determine what would be a good representation for the candidates at the convention. Details available here.

I didn't think it could get much more entertaining, but apparently I was wrong.

So let me get this straight: rather than giving the PEOPLE any power whatsoever, the Democratic Congressional delegation thinks that the "leadership" of the party should figure out how to split up the delegates for the candidates?

And this is the same "leadership" that is responsible for the mess in Florida in the first place, right?

And this is supposed to AVOID disenfranchising voters somehow?

I guess the Dems just can't wait until Denver to see back-room deals--although I'm sure we'll see some there, too!

Wexler said two things that really caught my attention: a) that we (or they, or whoever) don't want to "rush" into anything and make a bigger mess; and b) that maybe we look to the national vote to somehow inform the delegate breakdowns for Florida.

To point a: the convention is in August, for crying out loud! Are you telling me you couldn't put together a satisfactory primary in 5 months? If so, I think that speaks VOLUMES for the competence of the party as a whole! And as for "avoiding" a bigger mess--hello! You just made one, when you took the right to vote away from the people. HOW CAN THEY NOT GET THAT???!!!

On point b: I would expect this from an Obama supporter--it was only a matter of time. Of course Hillary will NEVER support any influence on the Florida vote from national numbers that aren't favorable to her. She knows she's nowhere without the Florida delegates, and she isn't going to let them go very easily. How can ANYBODY not get that, either?

I don't know how to tell them this--not that they'd listen--but if you want any credibility as a "party of the people," there's no way out of having a redo. Period. Even no re-vote and no sitting of the delegates at the convention is a bad choice in this vein. You're just going to have to do it, plain and simple.

Seriously, there is no limits to the hypocrisy on display from these ELECTED REPRESENTATIVES!

Note to everybody: don't expect better service from Washington until you make better choices for yourselves.


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