Friday, March 14, 2008

what did you know, and when did you know it?

SO Sen. Obama is having a pretty bad week--if you read right-leaning blogs. I don't happen to think that he does, so he probably isn't all that concerned about how conservatives are playing up the Rezko trial and the heinous words of Obama's spiritual advisor, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright.

BUT at some point in time--and this time it won't come from Chicago, is my guess--somebody is going to put the Senator on the spot. And it won't be difficult to do.

If this preacher's sermons are available for purchase--or in some other way available for the public--all we have to do is listen to something that the man has said WHILE OBAMA WAS IN ATTENDANCE.

And when that tidbit (or, more likely, those tidbits) come to light, there is only one question: how can you continue to congregate in this man's presence?

I'm not saying that patronage IMPLIES endorsement under normal circumstances--but this is different. We are patrons based on a number of reasons, and among those reasons is "the quality of the product." Now I don't know what "product" Obama is looking for from his religious practices, but I WANT to believe that racist, conspiracy-riddled rantings is not one of them. Why, then, does he choose to go where this man spews hate from the pulpit for all to see? What is it that this man, this preacher, is providing to Obama that he can't get somewhere else? And THAT is the question that I'm interested in having answered.

You know, I can't help but think that this is a huge opportunity for Obama. But opportunity cuts both ways.

If Obama truly is a uniter, then he needs to buck up and have a talk with this preacher, and get him NOT JUST TO STOP--that isn't NEARLY enough--but to apologize for his offensive remarks. THAT would show some real understanding of all Americans--and yes, it would finally show some leadership. That is an awesome opportunity for Obama--to take a hate-filled public figure and show him the errors in his ways. Wow!

But if this preacher doesn't apologize for his past wrongs, then Obama MUST "vote with his feet", and find a different minister to administer to Obama's faith. Period.

This is INDEED about Obama's beliefs--but not in God.

No, this is about whether Obama BELIEVES that America--for all its imperfections--is worth defending.

If he can't muster the strength to make a close personal friend stop and apologize for this nonsense, then how is he going to fare in his much ballyhooed "talks" with some of the biggest thugocracies in the world?


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