Saturday, March 29, 2008

what will Hillary do?

A lot of talk has been centering lately on when--or if--Hillary Clinton should drop out of the Democratic race.

I wrote not too long ago that the Democratic race for the nomination was going to last until Denver. I am not backing away from that now.

As long as Jeremiah Wright is still garnering attention--and he is, since Obama felt it necessary to talk about him on The View this week--Clinton should not quit.

Until the Rezko testimony is complete (it's been on hiatus for the last couple days), she should not quit.

As long as the issue of delegates from Florida is unresolved, she should not quit--heck, she almost CAN NOT quit. To some degree, Michigan's delegates fit into this category as well, but Florida is the key here.

As long as Obama keeps making demonstrably false statements in his appearances--like saying McCain called for 100 years of war when he clearly didn't; like saying "I have sponsored Senator Chris Dodd's legislation creating a new FHA Housing Security Program, which will provide meaningful incentives for lenders to buy or refinance existing mortgages" when the legislation itself hasn't been introduced (notice the past-tense of his action statement)--she should not quit.

But most importantly, as long as she looks to win any further contests--and that looks like a given in the BIGGEST future contest, Pennsylvania--she should not quit.

Many people are starting to worry about the fracture in "the party" that further campaigning may cause. They are assuming that the party that Clinton cares about is the Democratic party, headed by party chair Howard Dean.

Sorry, folks, but you will be disappointed. The party that Clinton (or "the Clintons") care(s) about is the Clinton Governing Party, an organization that her husband put together 15-odd years ago.

And face-to-face combat is what they do best.

Obama ain't seen nothin' yet.


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