Wednesday, March 12, 2008

the round of 12

For starters, let's talk about how unenthused I was about a show featuring the songs of John Lennon and Paul McCartney. They generally just aren't my style of music.

But as has been the case with a lot of the "themes" of AI shows that I wasn't very thrilled about, the show itself ended up being pretty entertaining.

First, the hot ones: Chikezie, Carly and David Cook were really good. I enjoyed Chikezie's performance so much that I'm willing to put it in the top 10 of any performance I've ever seen on the show, and it wins my vote for best of the night.

Next, the disappointments: Syesha and David Archuletta. Syesha wasn't really "bad" as much as it was not one of her best; David was actually bad, forgetting the words early in the song and never really recovering. I don't think he's in trouble (read below)--he's got a fan base that will still vote like crazy for him--but this performance brought him back to earth. If he has another week like this anywhere else along the way, he'll be in trouble.

The "not hurting themselves" contestants: all the rest, except for. . .

Probably gone: Kristy Lee Cook. First, I'll take issue with Ryan's observation that Simon had given her bad advice by telling her to bring more country into her performances. She IS country, and she would be a fool to run away from that on this stage. Tonight, I think "more country" would have been fine; what we got, however, was so far beyond country that you'd have to call it country AND western (that's a joke, in case you don't get me or understand bad Blues Brothers references). It was a bad arrangement, plain and simple. It didn't help that she didn't sing it all too well.

I will be shocked if anyone else is eliminated tomorrow night.


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