Thursday, March 06, 2008

Idol blogging returns!

FINALLY, it’s time for my long awaited Idol blogging to begin for the new season!

First, let me start by saying something entirely opposite what I have expressed in years past. I always thought I would LOVE to take Simon’s job on the show, and I actually thought I would be pretty good at it. Not quite as mean, of course--it’s not really in my nature--but if you could sell the idea of someone on that panel of judges having absolutely no credentials in the music biz, then I would be a pretty good fit. Or so I thought.

I totally take that back now. After watching Paula at work this season, I absolutely couldn’t tolerate sitting next to her. And she’s only been totally loopy once (last night). But she’s just so. . .so. . .so heck bent on not saying anything but taking 5 minutes to do it. Seriously, I don’t think I could do it, and I give props to Simon for not being even more impatient with her.

To tonight’s show: I think America got it ABSOLUTELY RIGHT in saying goodbye to Luke, Kady and Danny. I was torn between Asia’h and Kristy, but figured that Kristy would be seen through. Asia’h had real spunk and a lot of talent, and I’m pretty sure in past years she would have been a finalist--maybe even a top 6 kind of finalist. I was consistently disappointed in Kady--I really wanted her to blow up one night, and I THINK she had that kind of potential, but she just never brought it (as Randy would say). I was downright happy to see Danny Noriega go after I watched the disrespect he showed towards Simon on Tuesday. I know, I know, he’s young and he was being slapped around on national tv by --in essence--a bully. But it just so happens that bully knows an awful lot about the business that Danny was auditioning for. All I know is this: if I ever “interview” somebody and they act towards me the way that Danny acted towards Simon, there’s no way that person is getting a callback, regardless of how talented they were. I know Idol doesn’t work that way, but I am hopeful that many viewers were as turned off by his attitude as I was, and that‘s why he‘s on the outside looking in after tonight.

But on with the show, as they say. Here’s how I stack up the finalists.

Favorites (to win, not necessarily my personal favorites): David Archuletta, Carly, and Syesha. David is an incredible story--having almost lost his voice permanently when he was a kid--but he’s “grown up” (as much as a 17-year old has grown up) to have a good voice that stands out in the crowd. Carly and Syesha can really sing, so as long as they make good song choices they’ll probably have a spot deep into the competition.

Darkhorses: David Hernandez, Chikezie. Both these gents can really sing, and if they find their stride at some point down the contest, they will soar. Chikezie might have to keep his “playfulness”--which consists mostly of him inserting his name in the song that he’s singing--to a minimum, because I don’t know that America will have the tolerance for such hot-dogging. Idol’s never been won by “that kind” of personality (although Kat McPhee came close came two years ago).

Could go far: David Cook, Brooke. David is a good performer, although I don’t think he hides his love of himself very well. His performance this week was fantastic; if he pulls that off week in and week out--and he could--then he’ll be around awhile. Brooke won’t ever give a “bad” performance, so there’s potential for her to ride that a while--not to the finish, mind you, but pretty far.

Just putting in time ‘til they’re booted: everybody else. My personal bet is that Kristy goes next week, but it could be anyone other than the top 3 I wrote about under “favorites”. For some of them, personality is the big downer: Ramiele can really sing, but she emotes about as well as my car; Amanda puts some spunk into her performances but then she seems to turn into a doll while the post-performance banter goes down. Amanda is really vocally limited, so song choice is very VERY important to her--and that will eventually prove a drag on her. Others, to ME, just don’t have the talent to go all the way: Jason Castro, who I thought totally screwed up a really really good song this week but I must’ve heard some other performance, is too thin-voiced; Michael Johns is too manic and doesn’t quite have the pipes. Both those guys have charisma in spades, so they’ll maybe go further than their voices alone should take them, but I don’t think either of them will crack the final 4, to be sure.

Check back for more as the weeks pass!


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