Thursday, February 07, 2008

CPAC sure was interesting, eh?

Wow, what a day!

And I'm not talking just about Romney's decision to bow out. Although I was sad to see it happen, I can understand why he did it. I only wish he would have set the stage ever so slightly better for McCain. . but I'm being picky here.

I AM enjoying watching some of the commentary in favor of McCain now. I think Paul at Powerline said it best: "McCain is not as bad as some conservatives made him out to be when it looked like his nomination might be avoided, and he's not as good as other conservative will make him out to be now that his nomination is inevitable". Here's the bottom line, and one that hopefully everybody who considers themself a conservative will arrive at before that magic day in November: a President McCain would be a heckuva lot better on absolutely every front than a President Clinton or a President Obama. Honestly, tell me one scary initiative that McCain has supported to gain the ire of conservatives that wouldn't be supported by a Democratic White House. Now tell me all the things that McCain does right--and there's a lot of them, starting but definitely not ending with the war in Iraq--that would be similarly supported by Clinton or Obama. Suddenly the difference between Clinton, Obama, and ANY SEMBLANCE of a conservative agenda over the next 4 years becomes crystal clear--and so does our choice in November. There's no option to sit on the sidelines, people--4 years in the wrong direction is way too dangerous of a proposition while we are engaged in a struggle of civilizations.

On another front: I watched Obama's speech on Tuesday night. Now I know I'm a little skeptical when it comes to him. . .but isn't his strength as a communicator supposed to win even people like me over? I thought he was remarkably long-winded. . .I mean REALLY long-
winded. And he absolutely said nothing. Oh, he's great at pointing out the ills of society--as he sees them--but where's the solutions? The fact that this man of no letters is "this" close to being a Presidential nominee of a major party speaks loads about our current political landscape.

And it ain't pretty.


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