Friday, February 27, 2009

When it will REALLY be all over

You know, I was one of the people who actually thought that President Obama would move cautiously in his first 100 days in an effort to appear moderate. Once he hit a couple "middle-of-the-road" themes right off the bat, then he could go about a radical makeover in earnest, probably even with the overwhelming support of the country.

I was wrong.

And all the indications were there for him to do EXACTLY what he has done--I just didn't think he'd be so. . .audacious.

Well, he is. And there's no reason to think it will stop anytime soon.

And I'm not a big fan. Not. . .a. . .fan!

But do you know when I start getting really worried?

When he lets his "bipartisan" mask slip and just goes about reshaping this country, consequences be damned.

Like he just did regarding the economy.

I am convinced that this administration cares not hoot one about keeping capitalism alive in this country. Why can I say that? Well, if you want to keep capitalism alive, you don't let Joe Biden anywhere near the wheel of the economy. (Seriously, what in his background gives him even a shred of expertise on economic matters?)

If you want to keep capitalism alive, you don't "soak the rich" with taxes.

And if you want to keep capitalism alive, you don't keep handing out taxpayer money to businesses that follow failing models or to special interests that produce diddly-squat.

No, this administration is 100% anticapitalism. And the mask has already slipped.

It's only a matter of time--probably in the not too distant future--until designated mouthpiece Robert Gibbs starts being unapologetic for the performance of the market . Something like "we're facing such unique times that you can't use traditional metrics to measure progress." You know, utter nonsense.

Like all the rest of the administration's economic plans.

That day is coming. Mark my words.

Prosperity, we hardly knew ye!


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