Wednesday, January 28, 2009

my support of President Obama

Lately, Rush Limbaugh has generated a ton of publicity for wishing that Pres. Obama fails as the leader of this country.

And I hate to say this, but the left is correct for admonishing him from every microphone they can find on this one.

Limbaugh should not wish for failure of the Obama administration. This is moonbat territory, and he should be as ridiculed for his comments by conservatives as we ridiculed all the ridiculous voices from the left for the last 8 years.

What Limbaugh SHOULD HAVE SAID is that he hopes that whatever wildly liberal policies Obama pursues fail.

You see, I have one hope for Obama: that he is smart enough to understand that when things aren't working, you have to try something else.

I have no doubt that Obama will be a leftist for most of his first year. Even worse, he will be a special-interest controlled leftist. That is what he is, and has been since his first experience with "politics".

And let me say this: those policies MAY be what is right for the country at this place in time. It may be hard to imagine how, but let's just leave it open as a possibility.

If those policies work, then the republic is rewarded. Good for everyone, except for conservative pundits, who will become largely marginalized by successful results of leftward moves. I can live with that--it's probably only a temporary situation anyway.

But if those policies don't. . .well, "hope" will quickly vanish off the faces of the millions of people that helped propel Obama to victory.

And what's left? That's right, "change". And as I said before, my hope for Obama is that he understands that there's more than one ideology out there that he can use for guidance to get him through some tough times.

Will he do it?

Well, if it comes down to a choice of either being a mouthpiece of leftist dogma or a successful President, he will jettison dogma at every turn. He is, after all, a politician. Just ask Jeremiah Wright.

And he CANNOT fail.

So let me offer my own two cents: I hope for nothing but the best for Pres. Obama. I hope he finds a way to make this country into the "promise" that he thinks our forefathers were guaranteeing when they formed this mighty republic 200-plus years ago.

. . .I just hope he has to compromise--or flat-out leave for dead--some of his more liberal leanings in favor of free-market, pro-life, smaller-government ideals in order to get there.

THAT'S the right way to approach the coming years.


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