Saturday, February 07, 2009

Patriotism defined

It is going to happen at some point in the next 4 years, guaranteed. Those of us on the right who decry the folly of the Democrat's governance will be called unpatriotic. Heck, it may have already happened indirectly from no less of a place than the Oval Office (when Obama called some of the more pliable GOP Senators to thank them for saving his bacon, he acknowledged their efforts as patriotic. . .the implication being, of course, that those Senators who were not so eager to make a deal were unpatriotic). SO, to get this out there first long before it becomes too easy to make the charge, here is MY non-definition of patriotism:

-- it is non-defined, by the way, because it is too hard for a man of my meager talents to describe. I know it when I see it. . .and I also know when it is being thrown around haphazardly;

-- rarely do patriots speak of patriotism themselves. It's just something that they do, normally with such humility that they will not associate that noble word with their actions;

-- paying taxes is NOT patriotic. . .although if it was, I guess all debates over which party is more patriotic would just about be over now, right?;

-- Senators working on legislation is NOT patriotic. Not even country-altering legislation is patriotic. The last time I checked, Congress is a club, nothing more, nothing less. Granted, a highly powerful club that mostly operates above accountability for their job--but a club nonetheless.;

-- a physical risk to your life is not necessarily a prerequisite for patriotism;

-- a deep love of the work of our founding fathers IS a prerequisite for patriotism;

-- seeking office. . .gaining office. . .even dutifully serving in that office is NOT patriotic in and of itself. Now, doing something with the opportunity and the fame that you gain--that CAN BE patriotic.

More on this later. . .after I place a personal over-under on how long it will take the press to ask the One what he meant by implying that the majority Senate GOPers was not patriotic.


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