Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

As probably just about everybody knows, we are fast approaching Christmas day.

Now I'm not going to hit you with a lecture on the meaning of the day. You can get that in plenty of places from people more capable of relating the information to you than I am.

But I will say this: even if you don't believe that Jesus Christ is our savior, you have every reason to celebrate this day.

Because undoubtedly somebody you have or will encounter draws hope and inspiration from the story of Jesus. And because of that inspiration and that sense of working towards something "more" than material wealth on this earth, they will help make the encounter a pleasant one.

That story that inspires so many throughout the world started with the miracle birth of Jesus (Truly, isn't any non-problematic birth a miracle?). And although it isn't a perfect calendar anniversary, we Christians celebrate that birth every December 25th.

So if you've ever been wished a blessed day by a total stranger. . .if you've ever had someone say that you'll be in their prayers. . .or if you've every been left speechless by an act of kindness, you have probably been "touched" by the hand of God and His son Jesus, even if you refuse to believe they exist or that they have any meaning in the world.

So celebrate, knowing that even if the day doesn't have spiritual meaning to you personally, it does have meaning to enough people to give everybody a little hope of better days ahead.

And Merry Christmas!


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