Monday, September 01, 2008

Stealing a theme

My brother has already started writing Sarah Palin's speech. And that's a good idea, one that I hope he doesn't mind me piggy-backing on. I'm not as much for the big thoughts and themes as he is, but rather I live for the zinger. In that vein:

(After applause dies down and she's said thank you about a half-dozen times, and spoken about how honored she is to be there, etc) "I know how important this speech is to you, and to my candidacy, and to the campaign of John McCain. I need look no further than Sen. Hillary Clinton herself, who during this campaign season had this to say for the experience of the Democrats' nominee for the White House: "he has a speech he gave in 2004". Based on that astute observation from a venerable politician, I guess now I'm as qualified for the job of President as is Barack Obama."

talking more about her qualifications: "The Obama camp has been quick to criticize my experience, saying that I didn't have enough to assume the #2 job in the White House. But I disagree. You see, this country has frequently elected Governors to the White House, and despite the left's insistence that I'm nothing more than a mayor of a small town, I am, in fact, the Governor of the biggest state in the Union. Why do I mention the size of Alaska? Well, on May 19th of this year, Obama actually said that Iran doesn't pose a serious threat to us because it was a tiny country. I guess to Obama, one of the key ingredients to his vaunted judgement is "size". Well, I got news for you: size DOES matter. (flash to picture of Todd with a huge grin on his face. The T-shirts and the bumper stickers will practically print themselves!) Using that same basis of judgement, since I am the chief executive officer of the biggest state in the union, if there's ANY governor fit for federal office, it would be me.

And that's a judgement that I can agree with--for once"

And that's it for the specifics. You know, I'm kinda waffling on whether or not I want her to attack on Wednesday night. Maybe fun little barbs like these are fine, but there is something to be said for letting Wednesday night be about her. I critiqued Obama's speech on Thursday as un-Presidential, but it was more than that: it was un-Obama. On Wednesday, Palin is still going to be very much in the roll-out phase of her candidacy, and I think she needs to make it more about her: her policies, her beliefs, and her desire to serve. She'll get plenty of time to attack--I'm just not sure it should start on Wednesday.

But that doesn't mean she can't have the line(s) of the convention, at the expense of Obamania.


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