Friday, August 29, 2008

Palin roll-out: live thoughts

McCain enters the arena to the rockin' tunes of Van Halen's "Right Now". I like that. I mean, I really really like that!

Has he received this much love everywhere he's gone these last few weeks? Quite a welcome, that. Oh wait, that's right--it's his birthday. THAT'S what all the ruckus is about!

OKAY: what I'm looking for. THIS IS NOT IDENTITY POLITICS! This is a tab of an executive officer of a state with many complex issues; an acceptance of a reformer who gets things done fighting the good ol' boy bureaucracy.

Opening lines: "I'm not running for President. . .to get in your way"

"I looked for a running mate who would help me shake up Washington"

What is with the feedback from the microphone?

Palin is someone with "strong principles,

Was Palin the selection because she could out-hoop Obama?

Message of the campaign: "reform and public integrity." I like that!

She's a union gal, married to a union guy? That's interesting. . .

"She doesn't let anybody tell her to sit down"--not-so veiled attack at Obama's "they must get over it" line to Hillary supporters?

McCain should have roared her name over the cheers rather than wait for them to die down. Consider that a missed sound-bite opportunity! But he did his job, which was to keep it on her policies and her judgement.

To her: all she said is "thank you so much" and it already sounds different--more energetic. More clear. More. . .non-Washingtony. That's a good start!

20th anniversary on the day of McCain's birthday? It was in the fates!!!

Okay, she's getting personal. . .which is nice if it's done right. And the shout out to the son enlisting in the army on September 11th--that's nice!

Chants of "USA" emerge from the crowd, and she fist pumps. Can't say any of the other 3 ticket guys would have done that!

"I was your average hockey mom". . .that's a nice play to Clinton's coalition. Bill, that is.

Highlighting her anti-corruption bent--which she needs to do. Even used the "good ol' boy network" line--natch!

So she's actually DONE SOMETHING to help lead America to energy independence? It's not just a plan--a costly plan, at that--but something she's actually done? Wow, who'd have thunk it could happen. . .

"I said No to Congress on the bridge to nowhere. . .cuz if we wanted it, we'd do it ourselves". I like that, too.

"Americans expect us to seek public office and to serve for the right reason. . .(which) is to challenge the status quo and to serve the common good. . . we are expected to govern with integrity"

She seems a little staccato today. . .she'll need to learn to let the words ring through an auditorium to bring the crowd to tears next week.

Okay, here we go with foreign policy: point it all to McCain. Iran, Russia/Georgia, and of course the surge, saying that he refused to "hedge his bets" in Iraq. I like that "hedge his bets" line--that's what pols do, not commanders.

Oooh, a shout-out opportunity at Ferraro and Clinton. And a nice reference to that glass-ceiling thing.

All right, it's over. Impressions: she'll need to show herself as a deep thinker. This speech was very simple, as it should have been. But in the next short period of time, she's going to have to show an extra dimension. And she'll have to get a little better at stoking the enthusiasm of the crowd. And of course, how will she attack? We'll find out soon. . .

I think it's funny that the Obama camp's first response was to belittle her service as a small-town mayor. I know it's normal for him to reference his biography from 5 years ago, but why do that to her? You know, she is a Governor--and a governor of one of the few states that actually HAS TO HAVE her own idea of foreign policy--which is something that the gal from the McCain camp is noting right now on FoxNews. (That gal, by the way, is a good spokesperson for McCain.)

AND on another note: McCain definitely pulled one coup on this selection. I was worried that the nation would suffer from convention burnout next week--back to back bloviations from a bunch of political hacks? PUH-LEASE! But now. . .now at least there's the good chance that there will be an audience for next week's show in Minnesota.


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