Friday, August 29, 2008

too much to write

SO it seems we're going to have Gov Palin as the #2 on the GOP ticket.

As my brother says. . .Interesting. . .

Here's some thoughts that I have:

#1, I thought that McCain's camp was blowing smoke with their 15-point bounce prediction for the DNC. I thought that such talk was pure politics--15 points??? I don't know if the numbers will bear that out--my bet is that the bounce works into the lower-double digits--but McCain was clearly thinking that the prediction was valid, hence the reason for a "shoot the stars" approach to the VP.

#2, McCain had a couple of leftist strategies to answer to in his VP pick. In the end, McCain chose to attack the McSame/"4 more years of the last 8 years" angle, a major theme from the DNC. McCain counters "words" with actions--not just his own, but now with his tapping of a Governor from the outer rim of the US with nary a day spent in the beltway morass. And it doesn't hurt that Palin has run a good reformist-type government up there. . .

#3, again, I am impressed with the discipline shown by the McCain camp in unveiling Palin. She got out of AK and into the site of the rally today with only one person really taking notice. . .

Policies / angles Palin helps the ticket: energy (especially if McCain reverses himself on ANWR drilling); reformist bent; and let us keep in mind that Obama did not run well in battleground states in the primaries. While Palin may not be a known in those places, at least her presence on the ticket will likely add to some interest surrounding the GOP ticket there.

Voters this helps: solidifies GOP base, as she is a fave of the social cons; and those that think that executive experience counts.

My concerns: can she debate Biden? She needs to do well there. Also, will she be able to play the traditional role of attack dog? She has a LOAD of material to work with from the DNC--can she deliver next week?

Big stage. We'll need a big performance.


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