Saturday, August 23, 2008

reality bites, v2.0

I wrote before about Obama's HopeNChange express running into problems with the real world. As someone who knows, since it's kinda what I do for a living, the world of logistics is pretty demanding. All i's must be dotted and t's crossed, otherwise you run the risk of missing something, possibly leading to mission failure.

As Patrick Ruffini notes today, we have further evidence that Obama hasn't learned how difficult it is to navigate the real world.

While I'm willing to entertain that this text message announcement thing may have been a cool concept to some, the execution was absolutely bottom-rung poor--to the point of being comical. I assure you that anybody who cared to get that announcement at 3 AM was probably already "in the know" before then, as they would have stayed up late on Friday night hoping to be in on the first wave--you know, as they were promised by the One. Imagine their resentment when CNN made the announcement first.

As Ruffini asks, how did Obama think he was going to get his #2 to IL today without people noting the travel arrangements? The ONLY way to do that would be to take a whole slew of people with him--and that would have been an even bigger logistical nightmare. Come to think of it, I'm kinda surprised that's not how this whole thing went down--I guess we'll give him credit for that.

Over-promise and underperform. That's the kind of change that you can believe Obama will bring to the White House.


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