Saturday, August 23, 2008

this will be fun

So all signs are pointing towards Obama picking Sen. Joseph Biden as his running mate.

Which makes me wonder: what's he trying to prove?

'Cuz as a man who has made the whole point of his campaign the fact that he's an "outsider" to the mess that is today's DC. . .why is he putting somebody who's been in government LONGER than McCain on his ticket? If experience is a good thing to have in a running mate. . .why isn't it a great thing to have at the top of the ticket?

And what about Iraq? Here's a man (Obama) who has said that his judgement on going to war in Iraq was so good that we should just trust him on all affairs despite his razor-thin record. . .and he chooses as his #2 a man who voted for the AUMF? Who's judgement should we rely on here? And I'll love watching Biden spin that one--will he play a rube? (that would be SO in line with the victimology of the Dem party) Or will he say "I was wrong"--calling into question HIS judgement.

Honestly, Biden's biggest attribute is that he plays the role of attack dog with some decent results. But isn't that against Obama's vision of politics, or at least how he says he will conduct his politics?

Really. . .this is too much. Obama's first big decision, and he contradicts everything about his candidacy.

Which is not surprising. It's just illuminating.

Judgement, indeed!


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