Sunday, February 03, 2008

THAT'S a Super Bowl!

What a game!

Last-minute heroics.

An UNBELIEVABLE catch. We're talking on par with the immaculate reception and some of Lynn Swann's antics.

And in the end: one of the biggest upsets in the history of football.

What a game!

This Pats team? Yes, they were good--but they can't even begin to enter the rankings of "best team ever" until you get down to #43.

It's all about the ring, baby. And Junior Seau still ain't got one.

What a game!

What I wouldn't do to have the Broncs be able to get pressure on the QB like the G-men did tonight.

Some key plays: I'll go with Tuck's fumble-causing sack with under a minute left in the first half that kept a decent-looking Pats drive from putting them up by at least a touchdown as one of the biggies; obviously, Tyree's freakin' unbelievable catch after Manning pulled a Houdini on the final drive; and of course the d-backs not leaving Moss alone despite the fact he was 70 YARDS from the QB on Brady's next to last heave-ho (seriously, a 70-yard dart. That guy is sick!).

What a game!


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