Monday, February 26, 2007

about that Dem ticket in '08

There have been some fun posts in the last, oh, 12 hours or so regarding the prospects of Al Gore's potential run for the Presidency in '08. I point you to Michael at Bestdestiny and Dean Barnett posting at Hugh Hewitt's site for starters.

Will Gore run? Who cares! As far as I'm concerned, they're all running for second place. . . but not to Hillary.

I predict that when it's all said and done, the standard bearer for the Dems in '08 will be Barack Obama.

I could list the reasons why I think it will be so. But that list is long, and I don't have a lot of time to post. I just think that when all the dust settles, the Dems in the heartland, the south and the west will look to Obama over She Clinton. Sure, she'll take the Northeast. . .but that won't be enough.

NOW, the knock on Obama (with regards to a national election) is his lack of experience, his "gravitas". Well, I now know how he's going to get over that. It all became clear last night, and in reading the posts from the two people I pointed to in the first paragraph: his VP candidate will be Al Gore.

You want gravitas? Try to top a guy who ran the office of VP for 8 years under the (Democrat's) dreamland of the Clinton era! Experience? How does 16 years combined in the House and Senate sound--and that's BEFORE he went on to be VP. In fact, from an "experience" standpoint (also from an excitement standpoint), he's the closest thing the Dems have to Dick Cheney.

Is he a perfect VP? Well, no. . .he doesn't "add" much to the ticket electorally (Tennessee, for example, will probably still go for the GOP. And California is so in the Dem's pocket that his love affair with Hollywood won't "turn" that state blue). And it's not like he can play the "voice of moderation" to a very liberal front-man. In fact, the only thing he really adds to the ticket is experience.

But I believe that the Dems in '08 will eschew moderation in favor of a "new way of politics". They will try to do as much to undo the 8 years of Bush as Bush SHOULD have done to wash away 8 years of Clinton.

And that leads me to Obama as the face of the party.

And that leads me to Gore as the VP.

Will he do it? Will he put aside his Presidential aspirations for another (potentially) 8 years as the bench player?

Yes, he would. If for no other reason than it brings him back into the mainstream (he's spent the last 6 years essentially in the wilderness), he would accept it. Not to mention, the party will NEED him in that spot. I think he will be wooed in every way imaginable to allow himself to be put on the ticket.

And I sooooo hope I'm right! Because as much as I fear that demographics are tilting the electoral college to the Dems (I fear for the GOP's future in CO, MO and VA), I don't think a well-run national campaign by the GOP will leave those states available to go for an Obama-led ticket--especially if his second is as liberal as Gore.


Anonymous bro said...

welcome back . . .stunned that my blurb had a role, but good to have ya.

State of Fear was actually my first Chrichton novel. Love the movies, never tried the books. And as much as I liked the politics, the story and the telling were even better. The man can flat-out write. And it's all more plausible than most people think.

How's the newest addition doing?

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