Friday, September 08, 2006

You know, if you read certain places in the internet, you would think that a Democratic sweep into the positions of majority in both houses of Congress is a foregone conclusion. And I'm not just talking about the left-leaning part of the 'net, either--more than a few conservative bloggers have looked with gloom at the prospects of the upcoming mid-term election.

Now I'm kind of new to this political game, so my opinion doesn't really mean squat. But for what it's worth, I'm not too worried.

Although the "direction" of the country hasn't been as conservative as I hoped when W won a second term and the GOP ushered in a solid majority in both houses, there is one thing that has happened: the differences between the GOP leadership and the Democrat leadership in both houses is clear for all to see.

And I not only WANT to believe, but I HAVE to believe that the American people understand all the things that the Democrats stand for: obstruction of all domestic legislation for the next two years, a full-scale retreat from the principle battlefield in the war against radical Islam, a further reliance on the feckless United Nations' form of world leadership, and, yes, even a desire to squelch the airing of contrary opinions here in our own country.

The GOP should run on these issues and these issues alone. Hang the Dems with their own words and actions, and watch as the "sweep" of November puts the GOP in better standing than they already have.


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