Sunday, February 25, 2007

I don't say this nearly enough

Say it with me now: God bless Dick Cheney.

In this era where "I support the troops" is mentioned out of the same mouth that also speaks favorably of "slow bleeds" and "expired authorizations to use force", you have got to love a guy who actually shoots straight with his words.

Especially when that guy is on our side. And by our, I mean "America". Not just conservatives. . .not just the the GOP. . .but all of us who actually love being part of the greatest country on this planet.

RAGE ALERT: I am just a little fed up with "the other guys" right now. I understand their games and the fact that they have to pay homage to the way-left organizations who helped sweep them into power this past election.

But here's what I don't get: you have a vote (hello, Senator whoever) on this guy who is testifying before you, WANTING to get the job as the senior U.S. military man in Iraq. The guy tells you in no uncertain terms that to do the job right, he needs 21,000 more troops and he needs 'em now. And he's asking YOU for permission to go and do this job.

You vote IN FAVOR of this guy, which is the case for at least 30 Democratic Senators.

And yet, barely a month later, you're talking about ever more creative (and possibly unconstitutional) ways to keep the administration from granting that guy his additional troops.

I call that a lot of things. But one thing it is NOT is supporting the troops.

General Petraeus is a troop, too. He went before you, hat in hand, when you and your cronies had enough votes that you could've kept him from getting this job. And he didn't mix words about his mission checklist; it was along the lines of "IF you want this job to get done, then I need more troops."

You (and your fellow Senators) hired him. Overwhelmingly, by the way. And the country (both of 'em, actually) is better off because of your vote.

But giving him the job and then finding a way to withhold the tools that he asked for in what was essentially his job interview is NOT support.

IF you were so opposed to the troop surge, why not take a pass on Petraeus? Maybe take a pass on every guy who sat in front of the big table, talking favorably about the planned troop surge. At least then your opposition would have been constitutional. . .

You know, I still haven't heard a good reason why the left so desperately wants our efforts to fail in Iraq, or to put it even more accurately, to fail so quickly. I know that they hate Bush. . .but what's the bigger picture? Why would the establishment of a self-supporting democracy in the Middle East be such a bad thing? And if it's not a bad thing, then why is the current "cost" too much to achieve that end? I just don't get it. . .


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