Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Week 1 is in the books

Coach John here, head of the Mile High High Fantasy Football team. I am proud to announce that we started the season off on a winning note, beating the much-improved Prairie View A&M 95-77. Although there were no spectacular individual performances, there was solid participation by Tom Brady (17 points), Fred Taylor (17 points), Drew Bennett (12 points) and the Seahawks Defense (13 points). HOWEVER, week one MVP goes to Ronnie Brown, who, with his two touchdowns on Thursday night, got the ball rolling well from the start with an 18-point performance.

And non-High MVP goes to the Denver Broncos defense, who despite not being on my team, limited two key options on my opponents team to a combined 23 points. Also sharing some credit should be the San Diego Chargers, whose disposal of the pathetic Raiders limited Lamont Jordan's impact in what could have been close game. Thank you, Denver D!

From a coaching standpoint, I give myself high marks! I left 13 points on the bench, but I can live with my deicision to use Tom Brady against the Bills rather than using Charlie Batch against the Dolphins. The award for best coaching performance in week one goes to Punishment (I hate to say it), who left zero points on the bench.

From an overall team standpoint, my 95 points represents the 3rd highest tally for the week (The evil Punishment team got a league-high 98; the Jackass team scored 96). When you get into "total possible points" (if a manager had chosen the players that would have maximized team performance), then my team tied for third. Using TPP as a guideline for relative team strength, then team Jackass and my first-week opponent A&M look to have a solid team this year.

Next week's opponent: the Broadway Bank & Trust fund of Team Demaso, who are 0-1 and in the bottom third of the league in TPP.

Let's get High!!!


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