Sunday, September 10, 2006

Would you like that scrambled or over-easy?

IT'S FINALLY HERE!!! The off-season is over; today, on a full-scale, the NFL season kicked off.

And my team, in case you've forgotten, is the Denver Broncos.

And today, in their first game of the season, they laid a big, fat egg!

Quarterback Jake Plummer threw 3 interceptions and never got the Denver offense consistently moving the ball. The receivers couldn't get separated from their coverage, and the offensive line couldn't give the Snake a comfortable look down the field.

On the plus side are two things. For starters, the defense did play well. They held the vaunted Rams offense to nothing but field goals--and a good number of those were coming off turnovers (of both the fumble/interception AND the loss of possession change varieties). Obviously there's still work to be done, but all told I think the defense represented itself well today.

The other "positive"--and that's a strong word to describe it--is that this was the first game of the season. Of course I would've preferred a win--it would have made my whole weekend! But there's plenty of time to recover from this. And if you want to look at track records, you need go no further than last year, when they looked like total crud against Miami in week one--and then went on to have a 13-3 season. I don't think this team is as solid as that version of the B-men. . .but then again, I never thought last year's team was that good until around Thanksgiving.

SO buck up, Broncos faithful--there's a lot of football left.

Of course, if we keep turning the ball over 5 times a game. . .there's WAAAY TOO MUCH football left!


Blogger Michael said...

welcome back to the 'sphere, bro. Gotta say, couldn't be more ticked at Plummer--we were actually moving the ball a little bit in the fourth quarter, until her airs one out on a wide open crossing route and tries to get one to Smith THROUGH a linebacker.

A litle early for cries of "Cutler", but the kid did look pretty good in preseason.

2:47 AM  

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