Sunday, October 17, 2004

If you're here for the symposium topic. . .

Welcome! I thank you for taking an interest in my scribblings (electronic scribblings, that is). I would love for you to make yourself comfortable and look around a little bit at some of the other postings I've made. I normally only write about things that I don't see other places, which is why my blog updates slower than others, BUT I hope that it provides good "hindsight" viewing of the things that are effecting this campaign.

And also, I would be remiss if I didn't use this exposure to point you in other directions as well--most notably, my brother over at BestDestiny. He's part of the Rocky Mountain Alliance of Bloggers, and they have some very smart, principled writers on their team. American Kestrel, Thinking Right and ExVigilaire are also must stops if you haven't seen them before. So please, get comfortable and spend your Sunday looking at the issues that need to be looked at in-depth--and help us make a difference in this election!


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