Thursday, November 05, 2009

John's tent

In the wake of the happenings in New York's 23rd district, there has been--and will continue to be--a lot of discussion about the GOP "tent". Surely there has got to be some common ideas that can unite the party going forward, right?

So today, I present "John's tent", wherein I will write what I think should be the principles that unite the party that contains conservatives. . .and stands in loyal opposition to the current crop of Congressional leadership:

1) The Federal government will never render as illegal the public expression of the belief in God;

2) The primary responsibility of the United States Congress is to protect citizens from overreach of the Executive Branch and to curb any legislative influence from the Supreme Court;

3) Taxes are a necessary evil; taking those taxes and redistributing the money to the pockets of other citizens is an unnecessary and un-American evil;

4) With the exception of crimes against the country (espionage, sedition, and the like), the Federal government is not the right level of government to govern personal behavior;

5) A citizen's single vote, cast free of duress and counted as is intended by the voter, is the cornerstone of the future of this republic, and its value must be protected

. . .and that's about it. Thoughts?

UPDATE: oh, and one more:

6) That a citizen that willingly signs a contract and is current on his/her responsibilities of that contract should not be fearful of unwanted government alteration of said contract


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