Wednesday, September 09, 2009

What it means that Obama is before Congress tonight

I know, I know: He's already started talking as I write this. But I haven't listened to the speech, nor have I read any excerpts. I swear.

But I can't help but think this speech, regardless of how it goes down, means quite a few things:

a) the MSM's spin that the townhall protests were unauthentic, ineffective, whatever word they used--those reports are inoperative in the White House. Which means that the folks there may not be as disconnected as we thought; it should also be used as a hammer by every commentator on the right as incriminating evidence the the media is fully agenda-driven at this time. For let's face it: if the White House believed the media, they wouldn't be putting their man in front of the cameras again. And if the White House doesn't believe the media. . .why should you?

b) Paragraph a doesn't hold true in ONLY ONE CIRCUMSTANCE: if President Obama comes out tonight and actually says something amazing. Like the Public Option AND Co-ops are off the table; like he agrees with Sarah Palin that the end-of-life counseling was a horrible idea; or like he will not cut Medicare Advantage and will make sure that current government-provided health programs are better before he tries to come back again. Absent anything earth-shattering--in other words, if tonight turns out to be platitudes, vagueness, and full of half-truths or straight-out obfuscations--the appearance tonight shows that the opposition to HR 3200 mounted an effective protest in August.


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