Tuesday, September 16, 2008

how about "text message"?

Obama's campaign recently released an ad referred to as "e-mail", which attempts to paint McCain as so old and "out of it" that he doesn't even use e-mail.

Of course, never you mind that the real reason that McCain doesn't favor that medium is because it is physically difficult for him to sit at a keyboard for any period of time due to injuries he incurred in service of this nation many moons ago.

So what to do in the face of this blatant smear? Well, there's always 3 options in something like this: either fire back, or get indignant, or just ignore it.

McCain's surrogates have used the indignant tactic. McCain himself has apparently ignored it. For the record, I think "ignoring" this one is the way for the McCain camp to go, and he needs to direct his surrogates not to get too wimpy with the "indignant" card.

But MAN OH MAN is there an opportunity to go back guns a-blazin' at this thing!

"Sen. Obama promised his followers a text message so they'd be the first to know his Vice Presidential pick. It was another step in Obama's plan to make the little guy feel like he matters in politics.

But every major news agency had already unveiled Obama's choice many hours before that much ballyhooed text message went over the networks.

And the little guy? He got the text message in the dead of the night.

Grand promises. Failed deliveries. The little guy being left in the dark.

Is that change you want to believe in?"

Obama's camp--who NEVER misses a chance to play indignant--would keep this entire topic alive for another WEEK!

And it's a line of attack that does NOT make Obama look good.


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