Sunday, September 14, 2008

Lighter reading


All right, some observations from week 1 in the NFL, but especially about my beloved B-men.

1) Three big things about the Broncos victory Monday night. First of all, they TROUNCED the Raiders!!! (And there was much rejoicing) Secondly, I loved that Jay Cutler was NEVER under pressure the whole game. If the O-line can just let Cutler breathe this year. . .it will be a pretty big year. Thirdly, was I the only Bronco fan that noted the couple of touchbacks that Prater gave us on kick-offs? Yes, the first kickoff of the game was returned for a big gain--and that will happen. But if Prater can give us 50% touchbacks ON THE ROAD. . .then we're not going to lose the field position battle this year as badly as we have in year's past. And that is a battle that goes a long way to winning the war!

2) Tom Brady is out for the year. So that fact, combined with an uninspiring Indy performance and a San Diego loss of game and key player (Shawne Merriman), and people are asking if the AFC is up for grabs? Well, the answer is "no more than it was before"--when those 3 teams, plus Pittsburgh, were all considered as viable favorites. And they still are. What, you ask, no drop for New England? No, I'm not willing to knock them off yet. Yes, Brady WAS the game-changer for the Pats, and obviously his absence is going to be painful. BUT really, how hard is it to go 6- or 7-player protection and throw the ball deep up the sideline to Moss? And every so often, just find Welker out of the slot, where he ALWAYS seems to be open. And it will be a beautiful year to own Lawrence Maroney in fantasy leagues. No, the Pats will be fine for the regular season. And by the time the playoffs roll around, they'll have as much chance as anybody.

What of my B-men? Well, I still don't know enough about the D-line. Today we'll get a better idea, but until then. . .

3) In the NFC, that Pack-Vikings game was a good 'un, and I think both teams have to be encouraged: for the Pack, Rodgers won't lose a game for you. And that's what this team needs from him, especially if Ryan Grant comes back strong; and for the Vikes, Tavaris Jackson showed some pretty good stuff in the second half. Both those teams have reason to be excited about their prospects this year.

But nobody should be happier than Carolina and Chicago fans, as their road victories were quite impressive.

Oh yes, I am SO READY for some football!


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