Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Tell me what the root is?

Sen. Obama on Monday, August 4th, "propos(ed) tapping the nation's strategic oil reserves to help drive down gasoline prices", according to this article on Yahoo.

I must ask: why?

Because releasing oil from the SPR does NOTHING to the overall energy picture but increase by a wee little bit the amount of oil in the overall supply chain. Yes, hopefully even that wee little bit would bring some relief--but even that would only be temporary. When the targeted SPR reserves dry up, so does the SPR-fueled discount in oil. And then we're back to square one.

And since that would happen about 20 days after the first release of oil from the SPR, then Obama's big "talk" about energy has the same shelf-life as Obama's big "talk" on race. Is this the right trend of accomplishment for a true visionary?

But back to my topic at hand:

Drilling, of course, would increase by a BUNCH the amount of oil that is in that supply chain. But the Dems say that drilling won't solve the problem with the cost of oil.

Listen, either increasing supply is part of "the answer" to the high cost of energy. . .or it isn't. If it is--as clearly even Obama recognizes on some level, otherwise why even make the SPR proposal at all?--then why limit how much WE can do to increase that supply?

Again, a TV ad that seems to make itself.

Have we seen enough of this guy yet?


Blogger Steven M Nielson said...

It is not just the drilling that will drive the prices down, but the ability for free market oil companies to explore in search of new sources of oil. The prospect of new oil will drive the prices down.

Releaseing oil from the reserve ads to the supply, but does nothing to aid in the price, which is controlled by oil futures speculators...

The Democrats are trying to use rudamentary economics, tricking the masses with inacurate tales of "supply and demand"... but they have done nothing to actually address the supply issue with this plan.

Pelosi and Salazar claim that drilling is a phantom solution, and that prices wont drop for 20 years... yet they think dropping a few barrels onto the world market will solve the problem? Can you say moonbat?

Great blog... keep up the good work!

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