Tuesday, June 10, 2008

catching up

All right, it's been a while since last I posted. Much, much has gone on, so let me be quick in getting everybody up to date:

-- OBAMA CLINCHES NOMINATION! Thank you, Dems, for handing us the candidate that we wanted to face. Of course, it's a dangerous wish--as they often are--because if McCain can't beat him, then the next 4 years are going to be . . .too interesting to me.

-- MOVIES MOVIES MOVIES. If I'm gonna tax 'em, I might as well support 'em, right? I've seen 3 movies in the last few weeks: Prince Caspian, Iron Man, and Kung Fu Panda. In order:

I enjoyed Prince Caspian much more than I enjoyed the book (I seriously considered not going after I finished the book, such a snorer was it), but there just wasn't enough "new" here to get me crazy about it. It's hard to love a movie when you can't feel genuine pull for the main protagonists (the two eldest Pevensie siblings);

Iron Man was a good summer "escape" movie, but I didn't find it as great as all the buzz.

Kung Fu Panda made up for both of those disappointments--in spades. Truly, I found this to be an amazing movie. It had a "message" in the same vein as most of Pixar's best flicks, but with a few more laugh-out-loud moments than I normally get the first time I see an animated movie. It doesn't hurt that the Panda is such a cute creature to build a feature around. After the first viewing, I put this on the same level as Ice Age and Finding Nemo--both of which were only better when I saw them successive times. I am excited to get a chance to see KFP to my heart's content when the flick comes out on DVD, sometime next spring.

-- IT'S A TOUGH ROAD TO HOE. Call me late coming to this party, but lately I have been down in the dumps about what this country will look like 4 years from now. Why is that, you ask? Well, here's my latest epiphany: with the radicalization of the Democratic party, conservatives are destined to be a group that is incapable of stopping this country from moving significantly to the left over time.

Details to follow. . .


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