Saturday, August 02, 2008

It's so easy. . .

. . .the only thing that is surprising is how long it took him to get there.

Yesterday, Sen. Obama changed course on the current hot-topic in electoral politics, saying that he is in favor of the proposal in the Senate to open areas from Virginia to Georgia to off-shore drilling.

Yes, this is a changed position from the master of changing positions.

But this one is a no-brainer, for a couple reasons:

a) the electorate is rather ticked off at energy costs;

b) the Dems, as a party, are on the wrong side of this issue with the voters; and most of all

c) he can feel confident he will in NO WAY actually force a change in direction on this issue on his wrong-headed party.

You see, with Pres. Bush having rescinded the Executive Order limiting increased OCS drilling, and with the Senate starting to work on a compromise proposal (the merits of which I have not yet explored, but at least they're talking), the one block yet to fall is the House.

And Obama can feel comfortable that only if there's a change in the Speaker will there be a change in the House's direction on this issue.

SO he can preen all he wants about his bi-partisan bonafides on this issue, knowing full well that Pelosi has got his back.

And that's all that Obama seems to be looking for nowadays: a convenient "out" from putting himself in a difficult position.

Honestly, the only thing surprising about this policy change--a change that McCain also is guilty of committing, thank heavens!--is that it took this supposedly brilliant man so long to get there!


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