Saturday, July 26, 2008

reality bites

As reported by Allahpundit at HotAir, the following exchange between a pool reporter and a representative of the Obama campaign took place on Sen. Obama's plane after the big dis Obama handed to the military personnel at Ramstein and Landstuhl:

Q: When did you originally decide to go?

Gibbs: I have to get you an exact date but it has been on the schedule for a long time.

Q: Did it not occur to anybody that this might be viewed as a political stop?

Gibbs: We had taken some of that into consideration, but we believed that it could be done in a way that would not create, it would not be created or seen as a campaign stop.

So the "beliefs" of a neophyte campaign--based almost entirely on nothing more than belief--didn't pass muster when the harshness of reality intervened.

Hmmmmm. . . . .

Or how about the "we had taken SOME of that into consideration". . .

Sen. Obama's biggest opportunity to score CinC points on a major trip designed to score major foreign policy points. . .and his staff only took "some" things regulating this planned stop into consideration?

Hope and Change vs. the real world. It isn't pretty, folks.


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