Tuesday, January 22, 2008

I really almost don't know what to say about this--UPDATED

Hmmm, I think somebody knows he's being watched extra-closely in a pivotal state.

At a campaign appearance in Florida today, Sen. John McCain said something to the effect that he knows how to get Osama bin Laden, and he will do it if he's elected President. If I can find the video (it just appeared on the WTLV-Jacksonville newscast, about 10 minutes into the 11PM program), I'll link to it here. (UPDATE: no link necessary. Just google "McCain will get bin Laden", and you'll be able to find at least the audio of the appearance that I saw on the news.)

SOOOOOO many things to say here.

Like: so if you're NOT elected, Senator, I guess you won't help us bring bin Laden to justice?

Like: so why haven't you used your estimable position--and ride the tide of success you're feeling from the surge--to help us to have ALREADY BROUGHT bin Laden to justice?

Like: is there really no cost that you're unwilling to pay in order to make your "vision" come true? Is capturing him more of a "tactical" necessity or is it a "strategic" necessity. Heck, is it either?

And many many others.

This is SOOOO not part of the "straight-talk express". This is pandering, plain and simple.

OR maybe it's true, and maybe he really does know how to get bin Laden.

In which case, the fact that he hasn't done something about it already is pretty inexcusable. And the fact that he's essentially extorting us, the electorate, in order to get his hands on the White House is. . .well. . .well, it's a lot of things, but none of them are very honorable. In fact, they're disgusting.

So what is it, Senator? Empty promises from another Washington-based blowhard? Or is it that you haven't YET felt it necessary to exert every personal effort to help bring an extra degree of healing to this country?

Which is it?

And why, praytell, should I vote for someone who would play that way?


Blogger Michael said...

well said. What are you doing in Florida, anyway?--being an imbedded reporter?

11:50 PM  

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