Sunday, December 30, 2007

random hits

First of all, the Broncos season is over. (And there was much rejoicing) You know, I'm as big of a fan as anybody of Mike Shanahan, but if I may make two suggestions: a) a new defensive coordinator--one with AFC credentials, please, and one who could work with the bodies we have there. I am shocked that for the past several years we play as much non-man coverage as we do, given that we have a "shutdown" corner on one side (although I don't truly believe it's an accurate moniker for ANYBODY in the league) and a supposed all-pro on the other side. But what do I know?; and 2) a bigger, beefier front line on the O side. I know, I know, it's practically anathema to recommend such a thing, but I can't help thinking about this: even back when the B-men played decent run defense for part of the season (I'm talking about years past, of course), they wore out in the second half of the year. At some point, I gotta believe that's because our D-line was wearing down from the constant engagement with 325-lb linemen in the games when they were used to partial engagement with 295-lb linemen in practice. As far as theories go, it's as good as anything, right?

Next up: the caucus season is upon us, and primary season is up next. Not that I'm prescient about such things, but here's how I figure the next few weeks go: Romney wins in Iowa, Huckabee a close second and Thompson a not-close third. Then on the 8th in NH and the 15th in Michigan, Romney wins both, closely over McCain in NH and closely over Ru-dee in MI. By this time, Huckabee's campaign has taken on some serious water due to the fact their candidate is over his head. On the 19th, Fred keeps in the race with a good showing in SC (he picks up a lot of the Huck supporters who are looking for somebody new) while McCain takes NV in a close one over Ru-dy and Romney. Then Ru-dee and Romney split the last two pre-Super Tuesday primaries, Giuliani barely in FL over both Romney and Fred while Romney takes ME. And although I'll spare you the details, by the end of the first full week in February, we've got a 3 man race on our hands: Ru-dee (who, among other victories, takes NY and CA on the 5th), Romney (who takes UT, CO, and the North-central states and shows well in the big states on the 5th), and Fred (who sweeps everything south and east of OK, except maybe AR). And by the end of the first week in March (which covers contests in TX, OH, PA and VA) we'll have our nominee, which will largely be determined by who can lay best claim to the "momentum" title in the week following Super Tuesday (PA and VA are on the 12th).

What a fun 6 weeks it will be!


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