Sunday, January 22, 2006

As if anybody cares, part II

Fresh off a Sunday of divisional playoff football where I went 2-0 vs the spread (although I missed both games on the over-under), I figure why not take a little shot at this weekend's conference championship games.

Using a line of Denver by 3.5 and an over-under of 41 points, I think the good bet is to take "under". I do believe that Denver will win this game--I'm just not sure of the spread. I think it will be along the lines of Denver's previous home victories this year against San Diego and Washington--nail-bitingly close, relatively low-scoring affairs where the Bronco O spends most of the game in futility and our D is on the field for a loooong time--ultimately resulting in a Denver W. And yes, I'm slightly biased.

For the NFC game, I think that the 3.5-point underdog Carolina will win straight-up.

And that would make for a darn fine SuperBowl!


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