Thursday, August 12, 2004

R Lee Ermey rules the Diamond morning show

This will be a shameless plug for a man that I've long feared, although I had never met him. R. Lee Ermey, movie actor, former Marine Gunny Sergeant, and now host of Mail Call on the History Channel, was given about 25 minutes on the Jack Diamond morning show this morning. My drive in to work has rarely been so enjoyable.

Background: Ermey plays the D.I. in the movie Full Metal Jacket. It was type-casting to the billionth degree, as he had actually been a USMC recruit instructor during his time in service. He was only in about the first third of the movie, but his performance was mesmerizing.

He's done parts in other flicks since then, but on the side of his acting career he mostly avails himself to two organizations that he plugged on the JD morning show today: the Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society and the Young Marines. I've had occasion to work through the NMCRS before, and I know this to be an outstanding organization for families in the Navy-Marine team. Ermey's stories and unfaltering support for these two organizations speak volumes about both the organizations and the man plugging them this morning. Check him out at And while you're at it, look at and


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