Wednesday, August 11, 2004

take two on FoxNews

Tonight, on the Brit Hume hour on FoxNews, his "panel" consisted of Williams, Liasson and Charles Krauthammer. Mr. K was an able member of the panel, and seemed much more composed and focused on the issue at hand than Mr. Barnes had on Monday. Krauthammer's big push was that Kerry needs to release his military records, just to clarify all these things that have been reported in the press the last couple days.

Mr. Williams, AGAIN, can't get off of the fact that Kerry served in VietNam. Listen, the issue tonight was NOT Kerry's service in that war--it was, as it should be, about his service in the Senate, and about his not-so-few speeches against the government that he made upon returning from VietNam. Krauthammer and Hume did a good job on keeping the issue properly framed, and when Williams fell back on the "he served, leave him alone" line, he effectively was taken out of the conversation. And it was a good sight to see. . .

And by the way, Kerry's camp now says that it wasn't Christmas Eve, but that he (Kerry) is certain that at some point subsequent to that Eve he was in Cambodia. We're talking about a three-month period here that needs to be researched--and I'm sure it will be researched soon. I can't help but think that the Kerry camp cannot be so stupid as to think that ANY claim of a Cambodian mission for their candidate would get a free pass from the press now. I mean, what kind of pure lunacy would that have to be--to backtrack under intense scrutiny from a good story by asserting something that is still a lie? So maybe Kerry did find himself in Cambodia at some point in time. . .which, if such is the case, makes his campaign's total fumbling of this issue as it arose two nights ago inexcusable. Professionals should be more adept at dealing with the exactitude demanded of candidates for the highest office in the land--ESPECIALLY since the "issue" kinda mini-broke in the blogosphere last week. Not exactly the way to build confidence in your ability to govern, Senator. . .

And let's talk best-case for Kerry with regards to the Cambodia story: let's ASSUME Kerry actually did find himself in Cambodia at some time--just not Christmas Eve. Not the most damaging story--normally. But in this war we find ourselves in for the foreseeable future, we need somebody in the Presidency with a grasp of reality. This Cambodia for Christmas story, not told only once but rather serveral times throughout the years, shows Kerry to be something less than fully grasping of reality. And while I enjoy a good story as much as the next guy, I really don't want to have John Steinbeck sitting in the Oval Office while we face an enemy as resourceful and ruthless as any we've known in our history.


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